Getting acquired!

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Mergers and Acquisitions

This is mostly relevant to a tech company. Also, this is in continuation with the article I had written earlier: Working with Startups According to my exposure there are two types of startups Type 1 – Start ups designed to be sold quickly when it reaches a level of growth Type 2 – Startups which are intended to be held, … Read More

Working with Startups

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A few thoughts of mine on working with startups. Right from my first job, I was working in startups till 2010. That makes it 19 years of my career! Out of the four startups I have worked in, I happened to be the employee number one in three of them. When you are the number one employee mostly even before … Read More

Benefits of Yoga

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Physical Benefits Increases range of motion in the joints. Increases muscle tone. (From the larger ones to some of the smaller, less-used muscles.) Increases endurance. (This depends on the style, as some are more conducive to improving endurance, such as vinyasa, ashtanga, and other power styles.) Helps develop motor skills for kids. Improves balance. Improves coordination. Improves posture. (Increases in … Read More

Yoga Etiquette

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A few etiquette to  be followed in a yoga class Be Punctual Come to yoga class on time. It will be disturbing for fellow students if you come in late. Try to come at least five minutes in advance, enter silently and settle in your place. Discuss health issues with the instructor Your yoga instructor should be aware of your … Read More