Fifty Splendid Surya Namaskars!

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Get ready for your Surya Namaskar

Morning is breaking in Chennai

Fifty Surya Namaskars is nothing great for a regular yoga practitioner. But today it was special for me.

I met her, when her husband responded to an advertisement I had placed in a local newspaper offering free yoga classes for hypothyroid women. This was in relation to my thesis I had to do for my Masters degree in Yoga. First few calls were from her husband asking for details and fixing up a meeting with me. Then she called me to check my availability to meet at my house. She had a gruff voice typical of severe hypothyroid cases.

She came home with my husband. She was roughly around my height, extremely obese, rough and thin hair and visibly depressed. She had a very cute, innocent Punjabi face. It was very evident that her husband had pushed her to meet me. We spoke for 10 minutes and she mentioned that she had difficulty in sitting on the floor as she had a surgery in the leg. My first thought was how am I going to teach yoga? At that moment, some teachings from my class came to me for help. Ok… I can manage this problem. We decided to meet next day morning at 6:00 am in her house to start the classes.

She was going to be my first student!

I met her next day at her house armed with a note book and pen to take her history. What followed rattled me a lot.

She was 40 years of age, 85kgs heavy and till date had 5 surgeries!   First pregnancy ended in a late stage abortion. Next two deliveries where caesarians. Then she had 3 hernias for which she underwent correctional surgeries. She had an accident – slipped from the stairs and broke her leg. A surgery for that. The plate inserted in her leg got infected and another one for removing the infected plate. It did not end there. When I met her, She was hypothyroid (on medication) with high levels of blood cholesterol. Her periods where irregular, painful and 15days long! She had huge ovarian cysts which covered her ovaries. She was on medication for that too. She had just given a uterine biopsy on advice of her gynecologist and was waiting for the results. This case was too complicated for me! After all, she was just my first student. I thought of backing out….

I raised my face from the book where I was noting down her details to tell her that I am helpless in this case. I am a fresh teacher and I did not have the confidence to handle her… Then I saw her eyes which had hope … Hope that I can help her solve her issues… I could not run away from her pleading eyes…

Ok. I had made my decision. I did not think too much about the risks involved.

Slowly I started yoga practice with her. I had to handle her with kid gloves. I was not sure how the practice will affect her body. I worried whether her condition will deteriorate .My first job was to motivate her. I had to bring hope in her. We had a long talks. We set small targets which was revised every week. Her daily diet listing also gave a scope for lot of improvement. Positives were that she was determined to gain back her health. She had a very supportive, non-criticizing, motivating husband. Every day we had five minute talk about various things. Challenges in life, small joys and disappointments. I gave her some books which I had found motivating. She listened to my long lectures on healthy eating, balance in life and my account settling theories! And I listened to her kids’ achievements and family issues.

Within two months, results started showing. The first major achievement was she getting back her normal, painless, regular periods. Her 40 days plus cycle reduced to 28 days! Painful 15 days came to painless 5 days!

It’s been four months now since we started. Four months of practice till date was not without interruptions. She lost her balance while walking on the road and sprained her legs. She was in bed for 15 days.

Still, she managed to reduce her weight from 85kgs at the start, to 77 kg now!

And today we completed 50 Surya Namaskars together.

She has a long way to go to reach her optimum health. But I am happy that she is in the right direction and I am glad that I took up this challenge.

19 Comments on “Fifty Splendid Surya Namaskars!”

  1. Ann
    Nice to read . I am also struggling with my weight . Though not obese , slightly overweight . Has to be in right shape at fifty , due to back ache and family history in BP . Currently I am happy with walking & bit of Ram Dev Baba yoga for back ache . But weight is in control but has not seen any down trend .

    Let me join for a month and check how Surya Namaskara would help me in bringing me to right weight .

    I keep thinking of a blog . You are another inspiration .

    Keep righting .


    1. Hi Sandeep,

      Do not expect yoga to bring you weight loss. It will tone your body. And definitely improve how your body feels and may be soul too!

      Weight loss happens slowly with regular practice.

      All the best


  2. Dear anucheechi,
    So glad to read your blog. Wish i too was in chennai and could learn yoga from you. Keep up the good work. I am sure vincent paul sir is smiling from heaven !!!!!

  3. Very Inspiring Ann. Im so happy that you are touching some very important lives! Good luck on this endeavour! Btw I’m inspired to restart Yoga now :) Thanks dear!

  4. wow so inspiring Ann.I believe in yoga and do practice it atleast 4times a week.I just came across this article.your write up is so motivating.thanx a ton.

  5. All the best Ann.,May more and more people get benefited from your “yogic” ! healing touch. You have also written well about your experiences ….Good to read.Keep it up.

  6. Hey Anu,
    Apologies for such a tardy response to your post. But I’m truly impressed , not just by your dedication to healing with Yoga but also by such an elegant piece of writing!
    Waiting to read more.keep them coming.

  7. Awesome!!where do you live? Is there anyone in Bangalore whom you’d recommend to teach Yoga, the way it should be taught.

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