Yoga Etiquette

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A few etiquette to  be followed in a yoga class

  • Be Punctual

Come to yoga class on time. It will be disturbing for fellow students if you come in late. Try to come at least five minutes in advance, enter silently and settle in your place.

  • Discuss health issues with the instructor

Your yoga instructor should be aware of your health issues and injuries. He or She can customize yogic practice for you if you bring your specific issues into his / her notice.

  • No smoking

If you have the habit of smoking, please do not smoke just before the yoga class and wear clothes that you have smoked in.  Lot of deep breathing is done in yoga class and  if there is presence of nicotine, the air become toxic.

  • Practice in empty stomach

Come to  yoga class at least  3 hours after your last meal

  • Leave footwear outside

Yoga is done on a mat on the floor.  You may come in contact with bare floor during many  poses. Hence it is important to keep the floor dirt and contaminant free.

  • Bodily Functions

Yoga practice involves internal organs as well as external. Do not be embarrassed in case you or your fellow practioners fart or queef . It is natural and normal.

  • No jewelry

Avoid wearing heavy  neck chains, bangles, bracelets, watches, belts  to yoga class. These may interfere with the yoga practice.

  • Mind Personal Hygiene

Yoga classes will be in close setting. Make sure you wear fresh and clean clothes, brush your teeth, use mouth wash, tie up your hair. Bring a clean towel to wipe your sweat. Also make sure your feet is clean.

  • Respect each other’s space

Please leave shoulder length distance around you when you settle in a place in the class

  • Minimum talking

Please keep the talking minimum when you are in class. Yoga needs concentration and needs inward looking. It will be a tranquil environment and talking will disturb the scene.

  • Turn off gadgets

Electronic gadgets have no place in yoga classes.  Try to leave them at home or in your vehicle or lockers. In case you  have to necessarily carry them to class, please keep them in silent mode.

  • Comfortable  clothes

Wear clothes which are comfortable. It  should give you freedom to move your hands and legs and stretch your body. Not too tight or not too loose.  Make sure clothes are comfortable around your waist. Avoid wearing revealing clothes to class. Peeping thongs and underwear bands are not an interesting sight. Avoid deep  necked tops  and low waist bottoms.

  • No kids

Leave kids at home however well behaved they are.

  • Less deodorant  or perfume

Avoid strong deodorant and perfumes. Smells are purely subjective.  Yoga involves deep breathing and heavy breathing.  Strong odors can cause problems to some.

  • Clean up

Wipe your sweat from the  yoga mat and the floor after practice. Clean the mat and dry each time after class. Rolled mats  which are not cleaned will carry heavy, stale and moldy  odor  when you open the next day.

  • Pay on time

Do not make teacher  keep reminding you about payments.

  • Got a cold, stay at home

If you are sick, avoid the  yoga class. Body needs rest and allow it to heal.

  • Do not stare at fellow students

May be you are just appreciating their flexibility or ability to do hard poses with ease. Whatever may be your reason, avoid staring at others in the yoga class.  It may be rude to do that and embarrass them too.

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